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Leko Brand

Metal Monroes - Silver - Kids

Without any type of magnification, purposed for everyone that uses screens, and has a normal vision.

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€44,00 EUR

  Frame Material: Lightweight Metal 

⚡ LEKO Benefits

➤ Blue Light Protection

➤ UV400 Protection

➤ Improve your Sleep

➤ Ultra LightWeight

➤ Super Comfortable

➤ Look Cool all the time

➤ Boost Your Well-Being

🎁 Free Premium Accessories

➤ Top quality protective case

➤ High tech fiber cloth

➤ Glasses rope hanger

➤ Eco - Friendly Box

➤ LEKO Sticker

🕶 Glasses Size

How do I know if my LEKO Glasses will fit right? 

All the LEKO were made to fit everyone, with any face type. Steves, Jeffs and Bills have flexible hinges, for large and thins faces. The Metal Monroes have adjustable nose pads, to fit your face nose perfectly. 


Here are the measures for each LEKO model:

Bills:  50 - 20 - 140 

Jeffs: 52 - 18 - 140

Monroes: 51 - 18 - 140

Steves: 48 - 20 - 145

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

📦 Shipping

Delivery Time: 2 to 4 working days

Orders above 30€: Shipping cost = 2.90€

Free Shipping: to Portugal and Spain (orders above 49€)

You are planting a TREE when buying this product 🌳
  • *Free Shipping

    on orders over 49€

  • 100%

    Safe Payments

  • 30 Days

    Return Policy

  • Premium Acessories

    Eco - Friendly Packaging

  • Boost Your Well-Being

    With your LEKO glasses you will not just feel better with your body due to health benefits but also with your fashion style.

  • Anti-Blue Light Protection

    The LEKO lenses can help you relieve from screen light that may cause: Mental & Physical Fatigue - Eye Strain - Dry Eyes - Disruption of Sleep Patterns - Headaches.

  • Improve Your Sleep

    Our Glasses allow you to avoid any disruption of your circadian rhythms, sleep patterns . They are one of the best ways to ensure that your sleep is not affected.

  • Look Cool All The Time

    Every LEKO pair was designed based on the latest trends, but also with a classic touch. You will love to see yourself with them, just like a fashion accessory.

  • Super Comfortable

    The LEKOS are made with tested materials to make sure that you feel confort every time you use them, and that fit your face perfectly.

  • Ultra Light-Weight

    Our glasses are composed by very light-weight components, so that you can wear them without costing you. You will not even know that you are wearing them.

  • Free Premium Acessories

    For every pair of LEKO you buy, you will benefit from the best costumer experience, having different premium accessories to go along with your glasses.

  • UV Sun Rays Protection

    The LEKO lenses also protect your eyes from the UV rays coming from the sun. So you can wear them on the street ;) But do not forget that the lenses are clear so they will not protect you like normal sunglasses :)

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