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We live in a world completely characterised by its everyday digital transformation, where the average person spends 5+ hours everyday looking at screens.

All the technological devices that we get in contact with, transmit a high amount of blue light that can affect our health in various ways. LEKO finds in its glasses a solution for this overexposure to blue light.

We want you to protect yourself with our non-prescription Blue Light glasses, whilst wearing a new fashion accessory that fits you in perfection.


What you can find in your LEKO Glasses:

   Blue Light Protection

   UV400 Protection

    Improve your Sleep

    Ultra LightWeight

   Super Comfortable

   Look Cool all the time


When and where to use LEKO glasses?

LEKO Glasses were created to be used every time you are in front of screens for long periods of time. They can protect your eyes from screens when you are working on computers, using phones and watching TV. Also, LEKOs should be worn every time from the moment the sun sets down, and it becomes darker. In fact, it has been proven that using blue light glasses during these time of the day helps you fall asleep better, easier and faster. You can use them while working in your computer, surfing the media on your phone and watching TV.



What are LEKO Blue light lenses?

Our lenses are blue lightblocking. The lenses are internally made from a material that absorbs and filters the blue light. They also have an external surface that reflects the blue light, allowing the lenses to be clearer. Our lenses block 100% of the blue light until the 410nm and 30% until the 450nm. 


Do blue light glasses help to sleep better?

Yes! According to experts, the blue light during the night lowers the capacity of the brain to produce melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for making us fall asleep. However, when we expose ourselves to high-energy visible light, such as sunlight, we are tricking our bodies into believing that it is still daylight. Therefore, we recommend wearing blue light glasses after the sun sets, in order to regulate and maintain the body sleep cycle.



Can I wear blue light glasses during the day?

Yes. There are no negative consequences for using LEKO Blue Light Glasses during the day, but we believe that people should also have exposure to the natural light during the day. The sun also emits natural blue light that has beneficial effects, as it helps our body control our sleep cycle and natural blue light can also raise alertness and improve your mood.


Should I wear blue light glasses in the night?

Yes, for sure! It will keep your eyes more relaxed and will help you to fall asleep faster into a better sleep. Studies show that blocking blue light from digital devices at night can help you increase 2 to 3 times more your melatonin levels.



Do blue light glasses protect against UV light?

Sure! All LEKO blue light glasses come with a UV400 filter that protects you from ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun.


Do blue light lenses have tinted lenses?

Our blue light lenses have a subtle amber tint, which is necessary to block the blue light. However, it doesn’t affect the perception of colour.



Can I replace the lenses from the LEKO´s blue light glasses to my own lenses?

Yes! If you want to change the lenses to prescription or other type of lenses you can do it! But you should do it with the help of optic professional.



Do the Lenses of LEKO Blue Light Glasses have any magnification?

No, our lenses are neutral and only have the material that reflects and absorbs blue light, but you can also have them with perscription.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you!