Copy of LEKO Prescription Information

The following questions presents all the relevant information regarding the prescription glasses and reading glasses provided by LEKO.


How does the purchase of prescription glasses work at LEKO?

Buying prescription glasses at LEKO is really simple. You just have to choose one of the models from our collection, send your medical prescription or say which reading glasses you want, confirm your purchase and in about 7 to 9 business days you will have your new LEKOs at home.


What prescription service do we offer?

Our service is similar to the service provided by optical stores, with lenses of similar quality, selling monofocal lenses for myopia (see far away) or hyperopia (see close up).

In the case of prescription lenses, the client needs to send us his medical prescription, which is then sent to the optical factory and reviewed by optical professionals who indicate which type of lenses need to be used in that case. After receiving such information, we send a final quote to the customer.

After the customer´s confirmation, the lenses  are produced according to the characteristics of the prescription, assembled

by professionals in one of the LEKO frames chosen by the customer, and finally sent for shipping.

In the case of reading glasses, where the customer only feels the need to have lenses to see up close, a medical prescription is not necessary. When the customer knows which diopters correctio

n is best suited to his needs in reading glasses, he can place the

order, and then the price and the respective payment details will be sent.

LEKO has automated this whole process so that the communication with the customer becomes the easiest, fastest, and most effective. You do not need to leave your house to have your prescription glasses, since the purchase process is all done in our online store, with the greatest possible clarity so that the customer feels comfortable and safe.













What kind of lenses am I buying at LEKO?

The lenses you will buy at LEKO, are high quality prescription lenses, all of which have the filter of blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices. This filter blocks 100% of the blue light up to 420nm radiation.

In addition, they also block the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

The material of the lenses is CR-90, MR8 and MR10, depending on prescription level that is necessary for each client, being these materials of high range.

All lenses have a series of applied optical coatings that give them other features such as: Anti-glare and anti-reflection effect, scratch resistance, UV protection and hydrophobic anti-stain effect.

All lenses are custom-made according to the customer's order, according to the medical prescription and according to the model of glasses you want.


Where are the lenses made?

Our prescription lenses are produced in a factory that produces lenses for all types of glasses, a factory with a high reputation currently producing prescription lenses for many opticians in the national and international territory.


How do I know if the lenses have quality and will be in conformity with all standards?

The production of the lenses is done according to all the specificities required and with the greatest possible control. Each lens is manufactured with the control of high-quality standards in the sector, complying with ISO 9001: 2015 certifications, CE certification of the European Union and INFARMED certification.

The optical professionals of the factory analyse each order individually in the greatest detail possible, therefore you will have a quality and safety service similar to that of an optical store.


What are the prices charged by LEKO for glasses that do not need a medical prescription, known as Reading glasses?

LEKO also sells glasses known as reading glasses, where a medical prescription is not necessarily required. This type of glasses is used by someone who feels more comfortable and feels the need to see up close with small corrections, usually during their writing / reading activities.

The lenses of these glasses, in addition to facilitating reading, will also have the blue light filter, which can be used both to read a book, as well as to read and write on all screens.

For these glasses we already have several units produced so we can practice even more attractive prices, with each pair going with two lenses with identical power included. The prices shown below are added to the price of the frames you choose, which are available on our website (VAT included).

If you want a pair with two lenses of different power, you will already have to place a personalized order.

The prices (excluding VAT) shown for the lenses of our reading glasses are as follows. In addition to the price of the frames that are present on our website. 


Price per pair


39,00 €


39,00 €


39,00 €

 As an example, if you want a Jeffs Black with lenses of power 1, you get 39 ​​€ (frame) + 39 € (lenses without VAT).



What are the prices charged by LEKO for medical prescription glasses?

LEKO offers a price-quality ratio far superior to the current market, offering high quality lenses, but at a much more attractive price.

Below is the price list for each lens. To the listed prices, VAT is added and also the price of the model of glasses you choose. The price of the glasses models is listed on our website and already includes VAT.

The prices represent the different types of lenses that the customer needs, which are related to the type of graduation of each one. For example, if you have a lower level of graduation, up to +/- 2.0 you will need a CR-39 lens while if you need high-grade lenses you need a thinner lens, this having to be the MR10.

But you do not have to worry about the type of lens you are going to use. Our optical professionals analyse your prescription to verify which type of lens you need.

The prices (excluding VAT) shown are for monofocal lenses only and are listed in the table below.

Lens Material

Price per single lens


39,00 €


59,00 €


79,00 €

As an example, if you want a Jeffs Tortoise with CR39 lenses, the price is 39 ​​€ (frame) + 78 € (lenses - Without VAT).


I cannot send a medical prescription, what do I do?

LEKO, for the benefit of its customers, only accepts orders for monofocal lenses with the presentation of a medical prescription. If you are unable to send it by email, but know the exact values, contact us and we will try to help you find a solution.


What about the Guarantee?

All our lenses have 2 years warranty if they have treatment problems.

In addition, when purchasing the lens prescription service, you will also have a 1-year warranty on the frames, and if they present problems during this period our team will evaluate what is necessary to do and solve the problem at no cost on your part.

Misuse of lenses and frames is not guaranteed by this guarantee.


What payment methods do we accept?

Payments can be made by MBway, bank transfer and Paypal. If you wish to receive an invoice with your details, we ask that you send your billing information when you send us the payment proof.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! For all our prescription glasses made with medical prescription, shipping is completely free.


How do I place the order?

Just send an email to stating which model you want (Ex: Steves Khaki), together with your prescription / type of graduation for reading glasses. After we receive your email, the budget will be sent to you within 48 working hours, and then you just need to confirm if you want to place the order.


For more information you can contact us at