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We live in a world completely characterised by its everyday digital transformation, where the average person spends 5+ hours everyday looking at screens.

Working everyday on the computer and scrolling on your phone at night.

All the technological devices that we get in contact with, transmit a high amount of blue light that can affect our health in various ways. LEKO finds in its glasses a solution for this overexposure to blue light.

When you wear your pair of LEKOs, you: 

✔ Improve your sleep 

✔ Reduce Eye strain and headaches

✔ Have less contact with harmful lights coming from screens

We want you to protect yourself with our non-prescription Blue Light glasses, whilst wearing a new fashion accessory that fits you in perfection.

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  • Anti-Blue Light Protection

    The LEKO lenses can help you relieve from screen light that may cause: Mental & Physical Fatigue - Eye Strain - Dry Eyes - Disruption of Sleep Patterns - Headaches.

  • Boost Your Well-Being

    With your LEKO glasses you will not just feel better with your body due to health benefits but also with your fashion style.

  • Sleep Better

    Our Glasses allow you to avoid any disruption of your circadian rhythms, sleep patterns . They are one of the best ways to ensure that your sleep is not affected.

  • Look Cool All The Time

    Every LEKO pair was designed based on the latest trends, but also with a classic touch. You will love to see yourself with them, just like a fashion accessory.

  • UV Sun Rays Protection

    The LEKO lenses also protect your eyes from the UV rays coming from the sun. So you can wear them on the street ;) But do not forget that the lenses are clear so they will not protect you like normal sunglasses :)

  • Super Comfortable

    The LEKO`S are made with tested materials to make sure that you feel confort every time you use them, and that fit your face perfectly.

  • Ultra Light-Weight

    Our glasses are composed by very light-weight components, so that you can wear them without costing you. You will not even know that you are wearing them.

  • Free Premium Acessories

    For every pair of LEKO you buy, you will benefit from the best costumer experience, having different premium accessories to go along with your glasses.

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  • "Blue light can affect your sleep and potentially cause disease."

    Harvard Health Publishing

  • "Blue light from screens can be hugely disruptive to the body clock."

    The Telegraph

  • "Blue light contributes to eye strain, and can also increase the risk of macular degeneration."

    Forbes Magazine

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