Glasses Size

How do I know if my LEKO Glasses will fit right? 

All the LEKO were made to fit everyone, with any face type. Steves, Jeffs and Bills have flexible hinges, for large and thins faces.

The Metal Monroes have adjustable nose pads, to fit your face perfectly.

You can refer to our provided measurements on each product page and this sizing guide below. 


For example, if the measurements provided are "50-20-145", the width of the each lens is 50mm, the width of the nose bridge is 20mm and finally, the length of the temple is 145mm. 

Here are the measures for each LEKO model:


Bills:  50 - 20 - 140 

Jeffs: 52 - 18 - 140

Monroes: 51 - 18 - 140

Steves: 48 - 20 - 145


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.