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António and Francisco, our founders, were born in Portugal and decided to start this project in 2020. The two friends always shared an immense passion for Business and Entrepreneurship and the idea of an ever-changing world witnessing technological advances every day, really sparked their attention. Every once in a while, there was someone in their daily lives complaining about the negative aspects caused by the digital screen devices to our health. They started deeply discussing this topic and found some market brands that sold blue light glasses. They saw these glasses as the perfect solution for the overexposure of humans to blue light in the digital era and immediately decided to start their own brand. That was when LEKO was born.



As a mission, LEKO wants to present a solution for the overexposure of blue light to the people´s eyes, by giving the client a product that combines the health security aspect with the fashion side.



We share a vision of continuous growth sustained by our dedicated people and updated innovation. We want our values to always be reflected in the way we act as a brand keeping up with the constant evolution of our digital generation.

Every day we work together to become a brand that strives for success and is always close to its customer. We want the customer to identify himself not only with our products but also with the way we think and see the world. It has been and it is always going to be very important for us, to stand a mark and motivate people to pursue and achieve their dreams.



Values implemented daily by the LEKO team.

  • Focus on the client´s needs and interests.
  • Professionalism and persistency
  • Innovation and digital monitoring
  • Promotion of Sustainability


LEKO and Sustainability

LEKO sees the preservation of the environment as a fundamental aspect of our lives. When the brand was created, one of the first thoughts was how it could help the world´s development in a sustainable way. We do all we can to minimize our environmental impact, by minimizing the use of plastic during the transformation process of our final product that is given to the customer.

In this line of thoughts, LEKO offers for every item sold, 1€ to an organization which it´s mission is to help our world to be more environmentally friendly.

Summary of the organization: